Living accommodation - type U

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Flat roof, external sunshade system, single and multi-bed rooms, covered external staircase, walls papered, homogeneous PVC flooring, washroom, kitchen area, PC room.

Applied technical building equipment:

  • Air-water heat pump with hot water wall-mounted radiators or
    electric heaters
  • Halogen surface-mounted luminaire

Building requirements:

  • Structure complies with building class 3 (F30)
  • Minimum heat insulation for standard room solution, alternatively:
  • EnEV 2014 (German energy saving legislation) with specified level of performance 01.01.2016 designed as a permanent solution, sound insulation based on DIN 4109, sound measurement
Availability roughly 3 months after order date
Total area 320 to 1.567 m2
Floors 1 or 2
Modules 22 to 110
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