Data centre, type cadolto microspace 6

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Fully-equipped, as-new data centre 30 KW / 6 racks / RC3, in stock and immediately available (IT-ready). 

Building equipment (extract):

  • Air-conditioning technology freestanding on platform without enclosure
  • External wall F90
  • Plaster finish on external façade
  • Pitched roof (2% slope) with external drainage
  • Doors T90
  • Lighting IT room LED 500 lux
  • Lighting air conditioning platform
  • Battery-buffered emergency exit light
  • Power supply sockets not UPS backed
  • PVC flooring, conductive
  • Fibre glass wallpaper with acrylic paint, non-flammable
  • Fire alarm system
Total area Approx. 42 m2
Floors 1
Modules 1
Clear room height Approx. 3.45 m
Rack depth Approx. 1.2 m
Cold aisle Approx. 1.2 m
Hot aisle Approx. 1.0 m
Energy efficiency <1.2 PUE
Floor load capacity Up to 1.5 t/m2
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Power supply:

  • N power supply with modular 30 kW N UPS (10 minutes of battery back-up time)


  • 30 kW N DFC DX cooling

Data cabinets:

  • Data cabinets 48 RU, 80 wide, 120 deep with hot aisle housing
  • Earthing
  • Electrical connection per cabinet 3ph/16A
  • PDU 3ph/16A, incl. overvoltage protection N+1 power redundancy


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